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Download SHAREit for PC or Mac (Windows 10/8.1/7)

In this tutorial, we are going to cover up two topics i.e SHAREit for PC and SHAREit for Mac. Kindly read the complete tutorial to get more details about it.

As we all know that SHAREit is one of the best and amazing file transfer application which is available for multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows also.

Everyone needs to share some files, media files, pictures, videos and pictures with our buddies or anyone. In addition, we need it to be shared immediately with no delay. In previous days, if we wanted to share the files from PC to smartphone then we used to get the USB cable wire to transfer the files which used to take lot of time.

And as every one of us understands that Bluetooth doesn’t transfer information fast. Imagine, you’re transferring a big file between smartphone; it takes quite a while. So I wanted to share one Android application with you guys and that’s nothing but SHAREit which is developed by Lenovo.


It is very easy to transfer files with the help of SHAREit. The receiver must click on “Receive”, and then the sender must click on “Send”, and both can begin sharing the files.

The most fascinating function of SHAREit is group sharing. It is possible to automatically send an individual files to five users at a time, and they all receive data quickly.

Sharing with the panel with any Wifi network is impressive, and you should experience it. Simply open the SHAREit and click on “Send” when you need to send any file to anyone and the devices are automatically detected by SHAREit App.

SHAREit for PC or Mac Download Windows:

SHAREit is the app that allows one to share files with others instantly. With this app, it is possible to feel the difference in speed compared to Bluetooth and USB cable. It’s possible for you to experience nearly 40X times faster file transfer speed when in comparison with Bluetooth. It lets you share sound, videos, files and some other file immediately.

Besides using SHAREit on your devices which includes Android or iPhone, now you can also use SHAREit for Windows PC at no cost. Install it to begin using SHAREit for PC after downloading the program.

Once it’s downloaded, double click on ‘.exe.’ It and file begins the setup. It takes few seconds to finish the setup.

You are able to see “Receive” two buttons and “Send”. Click on “Receive” button if you need to send files and if you desire to get file from someone.

You can also choose the place of the files that are received and can give a name to your own PC. You can also set the avatar to identify your PC immediately.

SHAREit for PC

It is possible to drag and drop files, or you’ll be able to browse files that you need to send.

SHAREit for Mac Download:

One bad news for Mac users, that SHAREit for Mac is not officially available but if you really want to use this application on your Mac device then surely there is a way, one can install Bluestacks App Player on the Mac device and it will help users to easily download and install SHAREit on Mac without any issue.

Features of SHAREit for PC or Mac:

It’s not difficult to send big files to anyone instantly.

  • You may not want Bluetooth, Wi-Fi network or internet connection.
  • Group sharing is supported by it, and files can be shared by you with the maximum of 5 individuals.
  • SHAREit enables us to share any files like pictures, sound, video as well as programs that you have installed on smartphone.
  • It’s 40X more rapid when in comparison with Bluetooth transfer rate.
  • SHAREit PC is very user friendly and contains the User Interface that is easy to use.

I think it’s enough for now and I really hope that must have enjoyed this about how to download SHAREit for PC or Mac which is also available for Windows 7, Windows 8 Computer.

Kindly keep on visiting this website in future also i.e SHAREit for PC.